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Van den Hul "Arm Link" Phono Interconnect

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Van den Hul

Van den Hul "Arm Link" Arm Cable
Consisting of two D - 502 HYBRID conductor cables. Sonically this is one of the best products at a very affordable price. Its conductors’ combined quantity of silver and Linear Structured Carbon ® (LSC) are the best option available.
The D-502 HYBRID’s sound quality is extremely detailed without any metallic character.

This Van den Hul Arm Link is equipped with a centre steel wire to provide extra mechanical reinforcement and strain relief. This coated steel wire, can be soldered and used as an extra ground-lead. 
The total number of conductors involved incl. the 2 separate screens is 7.
The external dimensions are: 8.4 x 4.0 mm.
Mounted are one angled or straight TAC 5-pole DIN connector on the arm side and on the other side two high quality RCA plugs, cable length is standard 1.2 mtr. Other lengths available to order.
In stock in Rotterdam.