How to pay

Prices mentioned are in euros and include 21% VAT, except second-hand items. For our tax policy, please see below.

After submitting an order, you will be asked, when checking out, what means of payment you prefer. You will have the following options:

a. Customers residing within the European Union can pay without extra costs via their bank accounts.
Upon completion of your order our IBAN bank account numbers and BIC or SWIFT code will be provided in our automatical order confirmation. It takes some 2 - 4 working days before we receive such a payment. After that we will ship the ordered items.
Our RaboBank account for international payments:
IBAN: NL96RABO0106368915 (please note: after the character "O" of RABO follows a number zero or "0" etc.)

b. All customers in Europe and Worldwide can pay with VISA or MASTERCARD 
This is effected via a safe and securised system and it is without costs for you. When concluding your order, you will be asked for the "Way of Payment". Choose "VISA - MASTERCARD" and you will be directed automatically to the paying site. This web page looks like this:

On this page you click on the logo representing your credit card, after which a new page arrives. Then you state your personal credit card data and the payment will be effected immediately. 
Safe and easy! Payment notice is also received immediately by us and your items can be shipped the same day. 

VISA provides more security by their "Verified by VISA" method. You will be asked to enter the 3 numbers at the back of your VISA card and your password. If you don't have a password, you can create one instantly. Read more on this subject.

c. Customers with MAESTRO cards in the United Kingdom, Belgium and Spain can pay with these cards.
For these customers this is the easiest way to pay. However, to use it, you will need a means of authentication supplied to you by your bank. This might be a random card reader, a password, etc. If you cannot authenticate yourself during the paying procedure, the transaction will be stopped.

d. All customers in or outside Europe can pay via the proven PayPal system. 
We are a PayPal Verified Seller. When you already have an account with them, shipment can be effected immediately because we receive your payment by email. Don't hesitate, we fully support this paying system! 
Want to know more?

Our prices include 21% VAT, except second-hand items. Customers outside the European Union (EU) are exempt from this tax. Likewise, companies within the EU, providing a valid VAT tax ID number, will not pay VAT either. When concluding the order they should select their country and companies should provide a valid VAT ID number. Then, the VAT tax will be deducted automatically.
However, when ordering products, too big or too heavy for normal mail or parcel (more than 2 kgs), contact us in order to know the right shipping costs. We'll let you know exact costs and amount to pay by return of mail.