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Several links and downloads are presented here. Most are in PDF-format.

General brochure Holland Link (1 page A4 - 160 kB):
Download Holland Link Flyer

Our Pure Silver Audio Cable (1 sheet - 60 kB):
Download HL 7.0 Silver Cable

List of Classical Music LP's at Holland Link 

Transrotor website

VPI website

Avid Hifi website

Michell Engineering website

Bryston website

AYON Audio website

AYON Price list (PDF)

Benz Micro Switzerland website

Jorma Cables website

KONDO Audio Note Japan website

The technical ins and outs on OCC or Single Crystal technology:
Harmonic Technology

Make your own silver Interconnect / Loudspeaker cables
Illustrated web page giving very clear explanations and how to's

How to wire cables in your connectors - a useful Van den Hul document

Step-Up transformers for MC cartridges - an extensive overview and explanation (mh-audio).