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AYON CD-T II CD-Transport - Tube Buffer

Artikelcode: AY01

AYON CD-T II  CD-Transport - Tube Buffer

AYON CD-T II  CD-Transport met buizen uitgangstrap.
After more than 5 years' production time of the CD-T and its unbroken success, we have decided to essentially rework it and equip it with some special features. We have kept the legendary Philips Pro drive (to our opinion one of the best sounding CD-drives ever built and now reissued again), the dual digital tube buffer with 6H14 (operating in the MHz range) and of course the typical elegant and timeless "Ayon" chassis.
Special attention was paid to the new clocking system, the modified power supply, the new dual ground system and the possibility to raise the bitrate of the CD to DSD 128 by means of our DSD-converter module (optional). The CD-clamp-system was also optimized further and all digital outputs were galvanically insulated from each other. Additionally, the classical and the tube-buffered outputs on the rear-panel are designed switchable.

The CD-T Mk II Transport was designed to play compact discs with a new stunning level of resolution, dynamics and musical naturalness. The overall sense of transparency and purity is simply breath-taking, offering a sense of relaxed intimacy with the recorded performance. The CD-T Mk II is perfectly engineered with a very high build quality.

Zichtbaar zijn op deze foto het wereldberoemde Philips CD-Pro loopwerk en
het optionele PCM-DSD converter module (rechts beneden).