Transrotor TRA-9 Pickup Arm – Tonearm

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Transrotor TRA9 Tonearm in matt black, chrome or Ruthenium finish

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  • Transrotor TRA9 Pickup Arm – Toonarm
    Leverbaar in armlengte 9 inch en 12 inch. 
  • Beschikbaar in de volgende afwerkingen: mat zwart, chroom, ruthenium. Ook gold plated is leverbaar, vraag naar de meerprijs hiervoor. 
    Tonearm tube: Double tonearm tube made of 2 different aluminum alloys, nested, rigid and resonance-free. 
    Counterweights: Aluminum alloy with interchangeable brass weights.
    VTA – Height adjustment: 2 screw-in adjustment screws lift the tonearm in parallel. 
    Anti-skating: Magnetically adjustable very precisely via a fine thread, center setting 1.8 p (gram) (red line). 
    Cabling: Pure silver inner cable and 130 cm arm cable (4x Seven Stream Van den Hul),
    Connector plug: RCA or XLR special highly conductive coating (WBT)