Sumiko Blackbird MC Element – demo

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Sumiko Blackbird MC Pickup Element
Demo element in onze luisterruimte. Zeer fraaie kleurrijke weergave. Grote kanaalscheiding (> 35 dB !!) en daarom is het ons favoriete element in deze prijsklasse. 

Designed for exceedingly low noise levels, wide dynamic range and the highest possilbe fidelity in its price class, Blackbird is destined to become an analog classic. Each cartridge is assembled using time honored, labor intensive techniques, hand calibrated and critically auditioned to meet the most rigorous standards of consistancy. 

Blackbird has a big, rich sound with great dynamic range, excellent inner detail and as always, Sumiko’s characteristic powerful rhythmic drive. Featuring a lightweight and ultra-rigid line-grain boron cantilever and a hot-rodded rigid generator assembly, Blackbird represents a big step forward for Sumiko cartridges. Those familiar with Sumiko’s previous offerings will be very surprised at how much of a sonic improvement Blackbird represents.

Weighing in at 9.6 grams, Blackbird is compatible with most tonearm setups, but will work best with a higher mass arm or one with a heavy counterweight. The nude design eliminates resonance and excess weight, allowing the generator assembly and cartridge wires to be visible, an exotic visual treat.

Technische Gegevens Sumiko Blackbird MC Cartridge:
Cartridge Type: Low Output MC 0,7 mV
Frequency Response: 10Hz-50Khz 
Channel Separation: 35db 
Channel Balance: 0.5db 
Compliance: 12 
Stylus Shape: Low Mass Special Grind 
Load Impedance: 47kΩ 
Tracking Force Range: 1.8­-2.2 grams 
Recommended Force: 2.1 grams 
Weight: 9.6 grams