Perreaux VP-4 Phono Voorversterker


Perreaux VP4 Phono Stage – Remote Controlled


Perreaux VP4 MM/MC Phono Voorversterker – NIEUW
met 2 paar ingangen. Gebalanceerde XLR en ongebalanceerde RCA/cinch aansluitingen.
Bijzonder: met afstandsbediening via iPhone of handbediening. Accuvoeding !!
In onze showroom in Rotterdam te bewonderen en te beluisteren.
Perreaux VP4 MM/MC Phono Pre-amp 2023 Release. 
One of the VP4 many useful features is a built-in battery for mains de-coupling to secure the cleanest audio reproduction possible. This battery lasts approx. 24 hours before reloading becomes necessary.
Changing input values through your mobile phone made possible by remote-controlled non-invasive relays. Includes a 900+ data base of current phono cartridges to select from, or choose your own values.