Michell TecnoDec Platenspeler


Michell TecnoDec turntable, combine it with the T2, T3 tonearms or the more advanced TecnoArm 


Deze Michell TecnoDec platenspeler is het instapmodel van de Michell platenspelers ofwel draaitafels.
Michell kiest voor het “Less is More” principe en maakt dus een hoogstaande platenspeler met een minimum aan complexiteit. De Michell TecnoDec wordt als optie geleverd met een Michell arm, zoals bijv. de Michell T2 (€ 450) of T3 (€ 625) toonarm of met de Michell TecnoArm. Hiermee wordt het kwaliteitsniveau echt omhoog gekrikt. De hier genoemde prijs is excl. zo’n pickup arm. Vraag gerust ons advies.
Verdere bijzonderheden:

Inverted oil circulating main bearing.
The main bearing has the point of rotation at the top of the assembly, not at the bottom. This orientation allows full lubrication of the inside of the entire bearing while the platter is turning. This is by way of a modified Archimedean screw that is inside the bearing bore. The oil is drawn from a reservoir at the base of the main bearing up to the thrust ball at the top, fully lubricating as it goes, it then returns to the reservoir via a waste hole drilled into the bearing spindle. All this means that any potential for noise or vibration created by the rotation of the platter is avoided.

Pure Sorbothane feet inserts.
Designed to isolate the turntable from structural vibration in the supporting surface.

Impedance-matched platter.
The platter material was chosen for its vibration dampening characteristics and because sonically it is a very similar material to vinyl, so it has a very neutral sound characteristic.

Free standing motor unit.
Machined from a solid billet of aircraft grade aluminium, the turntable motor unit is designed to minimise any transfer of tiny vibrations created when the motor is running, to the sensitive parts of the turntable. When in operation the only connection between the motor and the rest of the turntable, is the drive belt turning the platter. This innovation lifts the performance of the TecnoDec and sets it apart from the competition.

Weight 4.6kg
Width 49cm
Depth 31cm
Height 8.5cm