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Perreaux Audiant VP3 Phono Voortrap - XLR

Artikelcode: A18

Perreaux Audiant VP3 Phono Voortrap - XLR

De Perreaux Audiant VP3 is een bijzonder veelzijdige phono voorversterker. Geen loze kreten maar het blijkt o.a. uit de overvloedige keuzemogelijkheden voor de inputs. Dus voor uw element of elementen. Want u kunt hier 2 elementen of pickuparmen/draaitafels op aansluiten. En dat voor zowel MM als MC elementen.

The VP3 includes separate low noise input stages for Moving Magnet and Moving Coil cartridges with dip switches for both resistive and capacitive loading on each input allowing for a clean, direct customisable signal path from the cartridge output.
The separate direct connections and switches ensure minimal noise and maximum channel separation, with the added ability of connecting two cartridges simultaneously and conveniently selecting between the two from the front panel.
Four different gain settings, the ability to switch between the normal RIAA and IEC RIAA equalisation curves and the selectable Mono input ensure the highly flexible VP3 is compatible with any cartridge and audio system through the high rated balanced (XLR) and unbalanced output connections.
The highest quality internal power supply features a custom designed, fully shielded toroidal transformer with shunt voltage regulation and filtering ensuring a low noise supply providing high levels of transparency, detail and dynamics.
The internal layout ensures that the power supply is separated from the preamplifier stage to reduce noise while the mirrored layout of the preamplifier design about the output ensures maximum channel separation.
Whether as part of a complete Audiant system or as the vinyl preamplifier in your existing system, the VP3 will reconnect you with your MUSIC.

Bijzondere eigenschappen Perreaux Audiant VP3 Phono Preamp:
Audio Inputs: 2 Unbalanced pairs (RCA) (selectable) 
Input Sensitivity:
MM: 3.0mV to 11.9mV (selectable)
MC: 0.3mV to 1.2mV (selectable) 
MM: 36dB to 48dB (selectable) 
MC: 56dB to 68dB (selectable) 
Input Impedance:
MM: 1kΩ to 47kΩ (selectable)
MC: 10Ω to 47kΩ (selectable)
Audio outputs:
1 pair RCA and 1 pair XLR balanced