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ROKSAN Radius 7 Turntable - Complete

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ROKSAN Radius 7 Turntable - Complete

The new RADIUS 7 turntable builds on the strengths of the award winning RADIUS 5 enhancing performance, compatibility and even the asthetic. From its new Motor mount to the new polished stainless steel feet the New MKII manages to combine beauty, elegance and true high-end performance all in one package.

New High Tolerance Main Bearing 
Optimised Motor Power Supply 
Upgraded decoupling and Motor suspension mounts 
New custom made silicone Drive Belt 
Improved coupling to supporting structure 
New polished stainless steel feet with silicone coupling 
Enhanced aesthetics 
Clear Acrylic or Black Acrylic finish 
New Improved Nima tonearm Pillar Holder 
Improved Nima Unipivot bearing pillar 
New custom made High Rigidity Arm Tube 
New Head-shell and Bearing Yoke attachement to Arm Tube 
Improved Anti-skate system 
New optional Heavy Counter Weight 
New improved Internal wiring 
Radius5 MkII Power Switch suppression capacitors 

Main Bearing Spindle: Precision machined stainless steel
Main Bearing Housing: Precision machined solid brass
Main Bearing Ball Precision: case hardened steel
Pulley: Precision machined Aluminium alloy
Platter: Precision machined Acrylic
Motor: Custom made 24 pole synchronous
Speeds: 33 & 45 rpm
Power: 110 or 220 Vac – 50/60 Hz
Rumble: <-80dB
Wow & Flutter: <0.04%
Dimensions: 400 x 350 x 150mm (W x D x H)